Recording: Chrono Cross - Prisoners of Fate (lonlonjp)

Submitted Fri, 04/09/2010 - 19:15
by Ranulf | View the tab

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Sorry for any mistakes. I was kinda slow when it came to chords. And that bit at the end was just a way of saying "Yay i did it!"

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It's very important to hold

It's very important to hold notes for their full value (meaning length), unless they're supposed to be staccato. You need to "prepare" for each coming note, but don't take your fingers off early.

As for chord changes, you'll get them :-) I'm not the best at chord changes myself, but I've gotten a lot better just by practicing a little bit each day.

I'm not really going to give

I'm not really going to give this a rating since it feels like an incomplete product and a bad rating won't make you any better a player.

First of all, the gaps you create in the tempo by stopping to fret a chord were literally intolerable for me. They pretty much destroyed any atmosphere or feeling the actual piece is meant to have. We all have troubles with chords, but we practice them until we have them firmly in our grasp.

Second of all, the majority of the notes in this recording were not "held" or sustained their full amount. This is most apparent on that distinctive slide note in the lead melody that you cut off almost instantly. There's a reason there's a note at the beginning of many a Gpro tab that say "Let notes ring throughout."

I apologize, but I honestly feel that this recording should never have been posted in the first place. As I said, it is incomplete, only a glimpse as to what would and should have been if this song was given proper time to be mastered.

Sorry for that i just never

Sorry for that i just never really pay attention to the timing and i need to practice a LOT more

I'm not used to fingerstyle guitar anyways i'm an electric player

People should have a certain

People should have a certain level to be able to post recordings.

:| Harsh, Salem.

:| Harsh, Salem.