Recording: Final Fantasy XV - Galdin Quay

Submitted Sun, 07/25/2021 - 07:07
by quinndangle2 | View the tab

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rediscovering the fun in playing guitar - don't mind the mistakes!!

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nice. havent seen/played this

nice. havent seen/played this tab before buts its good. its kinda hard to play but hopefully that'll help me improve. im gonna practice it until i lose my patience with it and then i will record it good or bad.

thank you! yeah some parts

thank you! yeah some parts still give me trouble for sure. Keen to see where you get to!

update: i've been playing


update: i've been playing this song on and off for the past month but ive made good progress. it was really hard in the beginning but its starting to sound good. ive spent so much time on it already now i feel like i should go all the way and try to get as close as i can to 'perfect'. so sorry for the wait

I also had this drop off the

I also had this drop off the radar xD good stuff! love to hear it