Recording: Chrono Cross - On The Beach of Dreams - Another World

Submitted Wed, 08/14/2013 - 07:14
by Pupos | View the tab

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1. I know there already lot's of versions of this song, but nevertheless I've maded my own.
2. Yeh, just experimenting with Vegas Pro video effects. Blue and black tones suits to it's atmosphere. Looking foward for better camera, audio and guitar skiils.

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I could be wrong but it

I could be wrong but it sounds like the guitar isn't tuned, did you check before recording?

I like the arrangement and

I like the arrangement and you play it very cleanly. It would be great to hear a recording of it again having the guitar properly tuned.

Honestly, I can merely hear a

Honestly, I can merely hear a bit of dissonans only at higher positions... Thanks for remark, I'll be more accurate next time.

tbh that might be the strings

tbh that might be the strings fault, experienced the same problem with my nylon until I tried though different sets. Think augustine red were pretty good for higher pitch as well.

Solid recording though but the camera sound doesn't do it justice.

When tuning it's important

When tuning it's important that you don't soft tune.
Pick the notes as hard as you will be playing them when your tuning your guitar. There is no point n soft picking each string and then playing harder because all that will do is put you out of tune when your play. You want the pitch to increase to the correct tone, not slightly over or under.

it's also important to slightly under-tune the G string. if you have a korg Tuner it would be around the inner side the empty triangle symbol to the left. Guitar fretting isn't perfect and if you look at any guitar with these kind of frets

The most worked on section is the G string.So to help better tune the guitar downtuning the G string helps out. Try it out and listen to how much better chords sound and so on when you play!