Recording: Tales of Symphonia - Tales of Symphonia Medley

Submitted Mon, 12/02/2013 - 11:14
by PseudoSane

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Since Tales of Symphonia is having its 10th anniversary I decided to do a little medley with some of the songs from the game. There were a lot of good songs to chose from but due to limited amount of time I had to pick just a handful of them. I'm not entirely satisfied with the fist part of Fatalize, for some reason I found it very hard to do something with it that I really liked. Other then that, I hope you'll enjoy it!

Song List:
Fatalize: 0:00
Lloyd's Theme: 1:02
Like a Glint of Light: 1:50
Sheena's Theme: 3:03
Fighting of the Spirits: 3:52