Recording: Doctor Who - Doctor Who Goes Metal

Submitted Sun, 01/20/2013 - 05:25
by PseudoSane

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I made a cover of two song from the doctor who show, figured there might be some other doctor who fans here besides me. For those who has not seen it I would strongly recommend it (, the games tho...not so much

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It's pretty cool, but I think

It's pretty cool, but I think it might get removed since it's not from games or anime. I know I wasn't allowed to post my acoustic Doctor Who cover, which, in case you're interested, can be seen hmyah:

Thanks! I liked your cover,

Thanks! I liked your cover, haven't heard an acoustic version before. yea I didnt know if it were allowed but there are some doctor who games, at least on to ps3 and vita that I know of so I figured I'd post it anyway.

Well, I love Doctor Who, so I


Well, I love Doctor Who, so I have no problem with it being posted. It's just that at one point we asked if tv show covers were allowed and they said no, but maybe the Doctor Who games create a loophole. I also think there was a Wii and DS game in Europe.

By the way, I also like that you did Matt Smith's theme song for the second half. The new series has such good music, like the march of the Cybermen and the previous Doctor's theme they used for Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. Oh, and River Song's theme gives me chills.