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India is the homestead of culture and legacy. Also, the genuine impressions of these attributes should be visible in memorable destinations, buildings, scenes, and landmarks of India. One such underlying miracle that mirror the genuine wonders of the past are the caverns in India.
While there are some that have perfect show-stoppers, others are wonders of geography themselves. And afterward there are some with strict and social string appended to it. These Indian caverns describe stories about the rich culture, custom, foundation, and otherworldliness.
Amarnath Cave is perhaps the most visited vacation spots in Indium and is additionally viewed as probably the holiest spot in the country. This cavern is fundamentally a hallowed place of the Lord Shiva. It is accepted to be over 5,000 years of age and is subsequently an essential piece of the Hindu Mythology. This sacrosanct cavern is situated at the level of 3,888 meters.

These caverns are situated close to the town of Tabo. Situated in the midst of the wondrous perspectives, these caverns have been cut out of the slopes. These caverns are additionally known to be the contemplation area for the Buddhist priests. You'll find various little and huge caverns that have been decorated with splendid asking banners.