Recording: Dragon Ball Z - We gotta power

Submitted Thu, 11/21/2013 - 12:15
by Pasto

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Pastaboy is back!
DBZ and Pijama, I feel like a 8 years old kid!! lol!!!
Aniway Aniway, Was bored, so I made an originall "punk rock" arrangment for this famous and kick ass opening theme. Nothing cool, I still suck. Aniway plz enjoy.

2 comments on We gotta power

Glad to see you'r back too

Glad to see you'r back too !

Looks liek you improved :)
Still wait you to have somthing to record directly on your PC to play several tracks at the same time :)

Pretty solid cover, nothing

Pretty solid cover, nothing wrong with your playing but I can't barley hear your guitar. If you ever get a chance you should invest in a recording interface.

Would have liked to give a 5 but had to struggle to hear.