Recording: Final Fantasy Tactics - Ramza's Theme

Submitted Wed, 06/08/2011 - 07:43
by Pasto | View the tab

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I made this video just to use my old guitar . . . she is crappy but i love her so much ! ! !
Also knows as Hero's theme , here is a cover of a nice theme from the beautifull Final Fantasy Tactics ( one of the ebst game on PSX ! ). Hope you like . . . gear used in this video was bad, so plz be gentle !

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Hey, this sounds a lot better


Hey, this sounds a lot better than your other videos. I know you probably want to do the heavy distortion effect like you had been on the others, but if you apply that to a mic'ed recording, you get that huge buzzy sound all amplified. The way you recorded this one is MUCH preferable, because even though the guitar itself is quiet, the static stays way in the background :-)

u did better than my

u did better than my recording, nice job