Recording: Final Fantasy 8 - Breezy

Submitted Thu, 06/07/2012 - 05:46
by Pasto | View the tab

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Another Breezy Recording ? Noooooooooooooo ! ! !
Haha yeah, this is the first Fingerstyle video from the Pasta boy !
This guitar belong to my nephew ( Is a guitar for kids, really small ), I never played with a classical guitar, so i wanted to try.
Special thanks to Hako-Chan that teach me a lot bout Fingerstyle.
I truly love to play this way. Loads of mistake, sorry, but as you know I'm too lazy to re-record :3

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Maybe try putting the mic

Maybe try putting the mic near your guitar's sound hole.

pasto you delightful

pasto you delightful fiend
the recording is too quiet!