Recording: Final Fantasy XIII - The promise

Submitted Sat, 10/13/2012 - 20:14
by Naen

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This is my extended version of The promise based on lonlonjp`s "The promise", the sound quality is poor i`m sorry for that i have not a good microphone, the volume is low.

(and i`m sorry for my poor english)

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You where very solid while


You where very solid while fallowing the main theme but when once you hit 1:10 you started to fall apart with those bass notes, if you where able to let them ring out for longer it would have turned out very nice I think.

Still props for being original with it, still one of my fav songs from XIII

The short bass sounded


The short bass sounded intentional to me, was weird at first but liked it overall.

Thanks for your opinion, i

Thanks for your opinion, i will keep improving this melody, the next time i will try to let the notes ring i did not realize when recording but firsly i have to buy a good microphone for this.

Thankyou again