Recording: The Legend of Zelda - Save, Continue, Retry

Submitted Tue, 02/16/2010 - 02:55
by musenji

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Artificial harmonics.

I don't use any open strings, because I wanted to keep the tone uniform and minimize right hand jumps.

edit: I had posted the left hand fingering here for reference, but it looks like it won't work, as the post font is not courier. My fingering is very close to that of toneDefTabber's "ending" tab, but if anyone wants me to post it, I can.

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Perfect and very skillful,

Perfect and very skillful, please post the tab.

For some reason here, you need to wrap any tab with (pre) at the beginning and (/pre) at the end for it to display properly.
Replace those ( ) with < >

It would be easier with courier font.

Thanks! I didn't know of

Thanks! I didn't know of that command. Here it is.


Also make sure you post just

Also make sure you post just the video id, not the entire URL--I edited it to make it show up :-) (I also edited it to put in PRE tags, but maybe it didn't take or something . . .)

Thanks musenji.

Thanks musenji.

Thanks for covering my

Thanks for covering my illiterate behind, auriplane. XD

Also on a side note, no that is not a vampire uniform. Though I do tend to record at night.