Recording: Castlevania Aria of sorrow - Castle - Corridor

Submitted Wed, 09/02/2015 - 14:07
by Mr.alek

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Hey, this is my cover of the Castle - Corridor theme from Castlevania AoS! I hope you enjoy it!
Ps. Feedback is very much appreciated! :D
Rock on! \m/

5 comments on Castle - Corridor

Great playing sir, haven't

Great playing sir, haven't played a Castelevania game in forever. It seems some parts are fighting to be heard over some of the others, maybe spend a bit more time with the EQ and panning in the future?

In any case good job!

Thanks a lot man. I suppose

Thanks a lot man. I suppose you're talking about the lead being a little low at some point? Because I agree with that! Thanks for the feedback as well man!

Hmm maybe a bit for the

Hmm maybe a bit for the leads, but mostly the drums and bass just seem quiet to me. Although this could just be personal taste talking.

I agree, the lead is a bit


I agree, the lead is a bit quiet...but overall really solid cover! Hope to see more from ya!

Thank you guys, but it's

Thank you guys, but it's really odd to me, that you think that the drums and bass is low? They're really loud in my speakers? And my speakers aren't adding any extra bass or anything. But I will look into that on my upcoming cover! Thanks again for the feedback you guys!