Recording: Chrono Trigger - Memories of Green (ver. by scarecrowlol)

Submitted Mon, 09/30/2013 - 07:53
by Montmorency | View the tab

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My personal favourite melody of all times. All hail scarecrowlol!

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I've played this arrangement


I've played this arrangement a lot and when I saw that you were playing the same one I was curious to see how you'd handle the part that comes up at 44s or so. It's a real bitch to let the notes ring out and still keep time. I'm not really sure whether to fault the arrangement or if there's some better way of playing it so it doesn't sound so thin but yeah that part always comes out really blech.

Good job overall, but I recommend you find the constant chirping sound in your videos and try to remove it, hopefully it isn't coming from your camera.

Nicely done ;) i agree with


Nicely done ;) i agree with karathrow about that section and tbh i haven't found a better way to arrange it. my intention for that bit was to remove your pinky from the '3' to play the lead notes then return it just as you pick there again. On a side note though i originally tabbed this in capo 6 so give that a try for reducing the stretches