Recording: Chrono Cross - Chronomantique

Submitted Thu, 09/19/2013 - 02:37
by Montmorency | View the tab

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A wonderful overworld theme.

3 comments on Chronomantique

nice!! :D you did great! alot

nice!! :D you did great! alot better than what i coulda done x)

Or COULD you?! )) Seriously,

Or COULD you?! )) Seriously, You have the best arrangements, I want do your "Life" and "Memories of Green" soon. I think every Mitsuda guitar arrangement must be on Youtube.

when i get a better tool to

when i get a better tool to record with, i will get recordings of my arrangements lol right now i was experimenting with my ipod and heard this ringing sound in the background i did not like.
picks up the electric pretty good. lol
and thank you x3