Recording: Secret of Evermore - Introduction

Submitted Thu, 10/29/2015 - 22:55
by michinoku

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I've still never played this game but am extremely enamored of the soundtrack, which has just enough of the JRPG sound but with some more ambient touches too.

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Cool! Oh yeah you should

Cool! Oh yeah you should seriously play it. It's not Japanese actually, it's totally U.S., but it fits right in with all of the classics. I have loved it since 1995.

works surprisingly well don't

works surprisingly well
don't see much vgm accordion action round here, i would enjoy this, if someone plays this on the streets

Awesome! Play the game, its

Awesome! Play the game, its very worth it. It was Jeremy Soule's first soundtrack for a game, the guy who does all the later Elder Scrolls games, he's fucking amazing. Secret of Evermore has some of my favorite vg songs in it.