Recording: The 7th Saga - Melenam

Submitted Fri, 10/30/2015 - 22:53
by Maxhell81

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A forgotten classic. Hard (as a kid, probably harder for me now, ha!)The game had a very dark mood. My favorite song from the game. Go easy on me, its been awhile... I haven't been able to play for year due to an injury, but wanted to do something new.... quick.

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I also loved this song,


I also loved this song, actually the entire soundtrack was really great. It took me many, many years to beat the game but I have beat it with two different parties now and I don't really consider it that much of a challenge now that I understand it better.

I feel like it got screwed

I feel like it got screwed with all the other great stuff that came out at the time (in fairness, a lot of great stuff really was coming out, but I always felt it was under rated). I thought of it as a dark game with some creepy friggen monsters when I was younger. Who did you beat it with?