Recording: Donkey Kong - DK In Love

Submitted Fri, 12/04/2009 - 14:14
by manccurt | View the tab

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Well, properly speaking, I really had doubts about this video, as I've done some ridiculous mistakes here and there, so I was thinking that maybe I've messed everything too much, but then suddenly I realized that I am way too lazy to play everything over again and to make other video, so nonetheless I decided to upload this... However it may be, my apologies for the mistakes, and thanks for watchin'. Really could have done better (shame on me~) Original composition: Shigeru Miyamoto Credits for the beautiful arrangement goes to Kabukibear.

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its an awsome proformance. :D

its an awsome proformance. :D

good job. what kinda guitar is that you have there?

:D and your welcome. ^^

Really good!! The rubato


Really good!! The rubato might be a little excessive though XD

Thanks for the comments! It's

Thanks for the comments! It's Spanish classical guitar. Aragón is the manufacturer of this guitar.

I'm with auri, it's a great

I'm with auri, it's a great performance although you overdid it with the rubato.
Another thing you might want to consider is to be more careful when strumming the strings. The song title even contains the word "love", so try to give it a soft and mellow tone. Instead you make the strings snap back onto the fretboard creating that really nasty sound, not lovely at all. :(