Recording: Starcraft 2 - StarCraft 2 - Terran Theme 1

Submitted Mon, 03/16/2015 - 11:56
by Lord_Bif

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English: This is my tribute of the first Terran theme from the game "StarCraft 2", originally composed by the musicians of Blizzard Entertainment. I really enjoyed doing this one, Terran themes are so great musics! All instruments and edition are my doing. Enjoy!

French: Voici une cover du premier thème des Terrans du jeu "StarCraft 2", composé par les musiciens de Blizzard Entertainment J'ai beaucoup apprécié faire cette cover, les thèmes des Terrans des deux SC font partie de mes thèmes de jeux préférés! Tous les instruments et l'édition ont été réalisés par votre serviteur. Bonne écoute!

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3 comments on StarCraft 2 - Terran Theme 1

Hmm bends at start didn't end

Hmm bends at start didn't end as clean as I like but since this is one of my fav songs to play and the rest is solid... 200/200 full marks!

Also enjoyed the piano bit around 2:40.

You're completely right, I

You're completely right, I noticed this as well. I still have a lot to learn to improve the quality of my videos. Thanks for your comment!

I always try and provide


I always try and provide constructive criticism :)