Recording: Final Fantasy IX - Melodies of Life V2

Submitted Fri, 06/15/2012 - 13:59
by Lokizarro

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The "enhanced" version (Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition soon baby!) of my original Melodies of Life cover that I just uploaded here yesterday.

This new version is basically the same, but with the CORRECT tuning, less mistakes, and less editing, ALL I did here was SLIGHTLY turn up the bass in Audacity, and I mean so little that it barely made a difference anyway, I set it from default (12) to 14, that's all.

Also, I re-tuned my guitar recently, and you guys were.... so damn right, ARRGHH! it sounded so good earlier after re-tuning it again, I must have been playing out of tune for a few weeks or more, don't get me wrong, I have re-tuned by guitar a fair amount of times before, but I guess I just... got used to hearing it like it was in the previous video? well either way, it's so refreshing to hear it like this again.

On a final note, I've decided to leave my original cover up, at least for a little while longer so I can look back on it and see how I'm improving. Remember that the original cover I uploaded was shot and uploaded to YouTube months prior to the date you see on here.

Thanks for watching again guys, I'll have more stuff up soon.

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This definitely sounds nicer


This definitely sounds nicer ^-^ Nice job!!

BTW, checking your tuning every day is a good habit, instead of waiting until you notice.

Awesome, I didn't actually

Awesome, I didn't actually think to check each day but I will be sure to from now on, I just do it by ear at this point from YouTube anyway, even though I do have an electronic tuner but I don't think that it's as accurate as my own senses... lol

Thanks for watching for the second time! the next recording will be something totally different!

Oh, yeah. Not all tuners are

Oh, yeah. Not all tuners are equal, sadly. The tuner on my Ibanez acoustic is useless, because I can hear the tuning much better than what it says. But the tuner in Logic is better than my ear, so I tend to use that when I record.

Good luck with your recordings! :-D

This is much better - tuning


This is much better - tuning really does make a lot of difference. It sounds clearer as well, good job.