Recording: Final Fantasy IX - Melodies of Life

Submitted Thu, 06/14/2012 - 08:51
by Lokizarro

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My own classical guitar cover of Melodies of Life, from Final Fantasy IX.

Initially I wanted to avoid using any sort of effects or "tweaking" for the audio, however, keep in mind that I am recording DIRECTLY from a USB microphone, not the most ideal thing, but it's all I have at the moment.

I tweaked the bass and pitch slightly in Audacity, but that's it, as a result it sounds somewhat clearer and more soothing in my opinion, please let me know what you think in the comment section.

Also as a sidenote, I apologize for the few mistakes I made, this was shot a while back and I am constantly improving, but as long as you can enjoy the song for what it is then it doesn't bother me.

I have been playing guitar since March 2011, just over a year, and I am 100% self taught.

As for anyone looking for the tab, I'm afraid I can neither write them at this point and even if I could I probably wouldn't for the simple fact that it's not mine to give away, it comes straight from the "Final Fantasy Official Best Collection" guitar book, they can be found on Ebay as well as a few other websites.

Thanks for watching!

More recordings on the way!

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Ah! Welcome to gametabs man,


Ah! Welcome to gametabs man, look forward to hearing more stuff from you.

The performance is solid - better than I could have done after a year of playing. However, it's massively let down by the fact it's out of tune! Otherwise really good job.

Wow, my first real piece of

Wow, my first real piece of feedback from one of my favourite guitarists, thank you!

I thought it may have been a bit off, and I don't think the "assistance" from Audacity did it any justice anyway. I'll make sure everything is in order in the next video!

Just started learning Far Horizons also, absolutely loving it.

You can't fix an out-of-tune

You can't fix an out-of-tune recording in Audacity, if that's what you were trying to do.

I liked your recording, BTW :-)

Wow, nice job for being self


Wow, nice job for being self taught and only practicing for over a year! Great job! And about tweaking the bass, it doesn't really bother me at all infact it sounds very unique, sour yet sweet. I like it!

Part of being a musician, or in any art is to take risks and explore!

Thank you! but I think I'll

Thank you! but I think I'll leave any tinkering out next time, I need new ways of recording that's for sure, my current equipment is just too basic at the moment.

Oh, I've ruined lots of

Oh, I've ruined lots of recordings with tinkering. (I've done so many things wrong!! Haha.)

I think your equipment is fine. I mean, sure, you could improve on it. But maybe you could consider treating the room instead? It'll still sound like that room, even if you get an expensive mic.

If you want to change the bass on your recording, a great way to do that is mic placement, rather than processing the audio. A directional microphone has a "proximity effect", which means that the bass gets louder the closer you get. (You'll notice this on cardioid and figure-eight patterns, but not omni.) Besides that, you'll get more bass response if you point at or near the soundhole, and less if you do the opposite.

IOW, get the sound you want at the source, then don't mess it up with processing.

But I still think your performance is way more important than any of that stuff.

Try reaper or another daw or

Try reaper or another daw or get some other plug ins.

I like the bass but like you said a USB mic, The cheaper ones tend to ad allot of room noise, So simply filter some of it out, Double track and pan with different settings to get a fuller sound while not putting too much bass into the overall mix.

You can also use little reverbs and Delay to slightly add a more sustained sound to capture more of the acoustic guitars fullness.

I liked it! I did agree with


I liked it! I did agree with what Bhael said, although to some extent I can get past the tuning on this one and enjoy it anyway.

I had a couple comments about your technique. First of all, you use your index finger a lot. It'd be easier if you incorporated your middle finger more. Like, if you alternate index-middle, you get a more efficient motion than just using index over and over, so it makes playing easier.

Also, I'm not sure about the planted pinky. It looks like it'd make it a lot harder to use your ring finger effectively. (I'm really more of a bassist than a classical guitarist, so I don't use my ring finger a whole lot in the first place. Maybe someone else can comment on that.)

I have been using my middle

I have been using my middle finger alot more recently, keep in mind that this recording is about two months old now (I originally posted it on my YouTube account), I'm always picking up new stuff on the way :)

But yeah, guilty as charged for the most part, for most songs I play I tend to use mainly my index finger, my thumb and my middle finger, and sometimes the other two if necessary, and I totally see your point in terms of efficiency, I will work on my technique in the future.

Also, thank you for your feedback! it's appreciated, and it's very welcoming to have such a great reception on my first recording to this site, I only made my account today and I wasn't even expecting one person to see this.

Lokizarro said I have been

Lokizarro said

I have been using my middle finger alot more recently


maybe for acoustic, you can

maybe for acoustic, you can double the track you recorded, have one panned left and the duplicate panned right maybe both at 45%(or w/e sounds good) and set up an EQ or pass-filter so you can have one side predominantly(don't completely cut out the rest) bass and the other side ringing out the melody and mid range. I dunno, I never tried this but even with the most basic equipment, there's a lot to tinker with even with Audacity.

I'm gonna be kinda harsh, but

I'm gonna be kinda harsh, but you should worry more about tuning your guitar right and less about mixing.
If you think mixing does magic, you're wrong.

Nobody said that, obviously

Nobody said that, obviously you misunderstood.

All I tried to do was *enhance* the sound with a small amount of editing, nothing more, it sounded alright to begin with, but I wanted to see what I could do in Audacity.

I've said it before, this was recorded a few months back now, and to be honest I was pretty sure it was tuned correctly at the time and I honestly think that what I did in Audacity made it sound more out of tune than it may have already been in the first place.

Either way, it will be tuned correctly in my next video and I probably won't use Audacity at all in the future, also, chill out, it's my first ever recording here and I am still learning, plus, I only posted it because I thought it sounded good, and that's what it's all about isn't it?

Appreciate your comment, but please don't assume that I make a habit of "mixing" my stuff because I don't, I've played in parks before now in-front of groups of people, that should say something. I was totally honest with everyone in the description.

Criticism simply for the sake of criticism isn't helpful, everyone else has been constructive here with their comments except for you.

Lokizarro said don't assume

Lokizarro said

don't assume that I make a habit of "mixing" my stuff

I don't anymore, welcome on gametabs

Your performance is great, I

Your performance is great, I was struggling much more at Fingerstyle after only one year :P Looking forward to more acoustic recordings :)

Just uploaded the new and

Just uploaded the new and improved version of this, please check it when you have the time guys!