Recording: Final Fantasy VIII - Fisherman's Horizon

Submitted Sat, 06/16/2012 - 15:51
by Lokizarro

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Another one of my favourite tracks from the FF series, just decided to record this earlier on for the hell of it, currently learning Bhael's AWESOME "Far Horizons" tab, almost memorized the rest of it now, then I'll move onto others.

Also, off topic here a little but if anyone is wondering why my lips look odd, it's just Vaseline, the temporary medication I'm on tends to dry out my skin a little bit, that's all, most people probably don't give a crap but it's just something that bothered me, the stuff looks like lipstick... lol

I won't be posting recordings as frequently as I have been in the future, the rest of my time will be spent practicing, but stay tuned, I have alot more in store for you later on.

The tab comes from the same place as the Melodies of Life cover I uploaded, the "Final Fantasy Official Best Collection" book, again this can be found on Ebay and other websites, I got my copy from Ebay personally.

On a final note, I'm going to start commenting on the "difficulty" of each cover I post, I'd say this is somewhere between "Easy" and "Intermediate", I don't think there's any hard parts at all and it's excellent for beginners like me.

Thanks for listening!

2 comments on Fisherman's Horizon

I really like this track


I really like this track too.
And you played it pretty well.
5 stars.

Thanks man!

Thanks man!