Recording: Illusion of Gaia - Blessing of Nature

Submitted Tue, 10/18/2011 - 14:30
by lognar | View the tab

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Hey another recording here, of Lonstile's awesome arrangement! basically still testing my mic.. this one sounds decent but still there is background fuzz :( my mic is a Seismic Audio SA-M20 and the cable is LIVEWIRE TFAE if anyone knows how to correct the settings maybe , fix the sound somehow, let me know please!

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I love that song!


I love that song!

me too :] thanks for

me too :] thanks for listening

I'm not a mic expert, but I

I'm not a mic expert, but I can try randomly guessing. How far away is the mic? Maybe turn down the mic pre, and move the mic closer?

Your suggestions are very

Your suggestions are very helpful, it keeps me tinkering with this! & you are wise, the mic was pretty close, about a foot, but if I have it even closer and turn it down it does help the static. It's almost silent background after the first like 10 seconds . I shall attempt another recording! :)