Recording: Castlevania - Vampire Killer

Submitted Tue, 03/15/2011 - 20:24
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No video again! Sorry my video camera broke! Anyways, I felt this one turned out pretty good! But tell me what you think and constructive critism is always welcome! :)


Oh and I really need to play Castlevania again! XD

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Sounds great, good job on


Sounds great, good job on everything! I would have personally used a bit more distortion but that's me :P I was thinking about doing this song, and Stalker + Wicked Child soon. Castlevania is a bitch of a game...I can get to Dracula but have yet to beat him!

I like it! Like BB said, i


I like it!
Like BB said, i bit more dist would be nice...
Maye lets sound some notes a bit longer and try to "bind" the fast notes with some hammer and pull off.
Sometimes i sounds a bit ouf of tunes to me, but it's maybe only due to your tone choice

Anyway like i said i enjoyed it so d'ont worry :p

just from hearing it i think

just from hearing it i think working on your hammer-on/pull-offs would be good, and possibly practice more up and down picking to get a bit better with timing for the lead. Rhythm sounded spot on. Are you getting the usb lightsnake or the 1/8 inch adapter for your cord? Hook up a distortion pedal and you can get a better tone also if that's what you're going for. gj

Ah, I don't think you should

Ah, I don't think you should put a crash cymbal with the snare on the 2 and 4. It sounds a little silly :-)

Thanks everyone! :) I guess I

Thanks everyone! :) I guess I could have used a little more distortion though. And jit, I haven't gotten anything yet, still waiting to see what's best, and auri, the crash does sound kind of stupid! XD Oh well, thanks for the comments :)

I listened earlier on my

I listened earlier on my laptop speakers, and now I'm listening on real speakers. I can hear what sounds like a delay effect on the 0:17 and 0:49 melody guitar, and I like it :-) The other melody guitars could use something, maybe some light reverb. It sounds a little "raw", but I'm not that good at mixing, so I don't know really. Still, I like it! Nice job :-D

Constructive criticism:

You can use more distortion if you like, but I don't think you *need* to. I think the things that will help the most are getting your rhythm tighter, and playing more confidently. (But stay relaxed while you play!) Everything else, IMO, is less important, including stuff like gear / recording methods.

Rhythm practice: pick a BPM, like 100. Set a metronome to one half of that speed, so in this example, 50 bpm, and listen to it as though it's a snare drum, playing on beats 2 and 4. Then, practice playing on all four beats. This makes you responsible for the rhythm on beats 1 and 3. Record yourself practicing--it's easier to hear problems this way.

Hey thanks auri! :) I thought

Hey thanks auri! :) I thought that a little delay might sound cool on those parts so thanks for noticing. I get what you're saying when you say it sounds "raw" I will try to work on that. Also, good advice on my rhythm practice! I will try that :)