Recording: Sonic the Hedgehog - Spring Yard Zone

Submitted Sun, 02/13/2011 - 13:52
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I have really been enjoying doing these sonic covers but I need some cunstructive critism to help me out. Thanks!

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Constructive criticism?

Constructive criticism? Okay, I'll try!

You should work on your rhythm :-) Do you practice with a metronome?

The drums could be more interesting. In the original, there's a shuffle rhythm on the hihats, snare mostly on the 2 and 4, and the kicks a little bit syncopated inbetween the snares.

In yours, you got rid of the kick drum, the hihats, and instead added a crash cymbal to each snare. In the second half, you put the snare+crash on 1 and 3 instead of 2 and 4. The swing is gone! This is a jazzy song with a swing feel, and you should be able to get into the rhythm :-)

Here's what the drums sound like from the Genesis:

Do you have a bass?

Yeah I just started

Yeah I just started programming drums into my song like a week ago so I am not very good yet. And at first I had the bass turned way up but then I thought it was too loud and now you can barely hear it. Thanks auriplane! I will work on those things for my next recording.

If you don't know what to do

If you don't know what to do for drums, you can try copying the drums from the original (doesn't matter if it's exact or anything, but you know, the general feel of it), and use that as a starting point :-)

EDIT: I mean the original, like go and find the song on Youtube and listen. Don't base it on a MIDI from a tab or something like that if you can help it. Like, Spaded's tabs are conversions from MIDI files, and some of those MIDIs aren't very good. (The one this recording links to uses a MIDI that seems to have a lackluster drum transcription...)

Yep... I was listening to the

Yep... I was listening to the midi and copying the drums off that.

Get Audiooverload and grab

Get Audiooverload and grab the VGM files for Sonic 1 from zophar. Then you can go into "channels" and turn off the channels you don't want. That's how I made the drums MP3 I just linked to :-) The VGM files are ripped from the game itself, so you can hear any parts you don't know how to play more easily than trying to listen to the whole song.

Oh thanks! Can I download

Oh thanks! Can I download that?

Audio Overload is free, just

Audio Overload is free, just google for it. The VGM files are over at



Plane covered all the points

Plane covered all the points rather well, would've pointed out the same things lol.