Recording: Final Fantasy Xlll - Snow's Theme

Submitted Mon, 09/19/2011 - 16:44
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Thanks to CpxAzn for the awesome tab :D

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You really recorded it. Very


You really recorded it. Very nice.

Yup haha :D It took a while

Yup haha :D It took a while to actually have the courage to go up against yours, but I finally managed to do it ;)

truly inspiring^^


truly inspiring^^

Haha thanks Max :D

Haha thanks Max :D

this. masterful technique and



masterful technique and control of the fretboard, tone is perfect. the sync of the recording is gorgeous.

the bends are what are really sinking in to me, they sound so... SOARING, and mixed with an even vibrato, and clean accenting and slides.... i can go and on about this.

witnessing the progression of guitarists, nay, witnessing the progression of enthusiasts is deeply heart warming, and this is the epitome of artistic evolution.

i FUCKING love it.

good job link!! and for the love of all that is and what will be, keep posting this stuff, i will definately check it out, particularly if its from any final fantasy.


oh, and top of that, nice


oh, and top of that, nice hair-do, rather charming ;)