Recording: Final Fantasy VII - Mako Reactor

Submitted Wed, 04/27/2011 - 16:22
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Headphones HIGHLY recommended again! Sorry no video for this one, but tell me how my mixing is. Also my tone. Hope you enjoyed this one! :) Only a few more ff7 extravaganza covers coming :)

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Cool, are you going to do


Cool, are you going to do JENOVA?

Very nice tone, but a couple


Very nice tone, but a couple areas seemed a little off to me. The playing itself is very good, even if it is moderately sloppy in certain sections. The mixing? Fuckin fantastic, absolutely superb job done on the mixing. Now, imgonna say something about the tuning, but there's a good likelihood im wrong, cause my hearing has been a little fucked up lately. It sounds off, but not by much, not at all. Do what I do if you like. And use natural harmonics to tune as opposed to just the fret method; the pitches are easier to distinguish, especially with duller strings.

I sincerely apologize if I sounded rude or harsh, my comment is not intended to be so, and I carefully pointed that I am likely wrong due to my ears bein messed up. Constructive criticism is all it is.

I understand you havent been playing long? And you are young as well correct? If so, this is bloody epic, nuff said.

Keep playing link!

PS if you intend on attempting JENOVA, contact me via pm, I devised a simpler pattern for playing the main melody, cause some of the ones I've seen tabbed are damning awkward

wayfaerer said And use

wayfaerer said

And use natural harmonics to tune as opposed to just the fret method

Just use an electronic tuner.

i forgot to mention that. i

i forgot to mention that. i use an e-tuner (, and ill use natural harmonics afterward to align the pitches correctly, and then do it over again with the tuner, just to be sure. ill do that about 2-3 times a day, with my electric, my acoustic usually stays in tune well enough so i only need to tune it about once a day.

Thanks wayfaerer! I always

Thanks wayfaerer! I always love constructive critism and help on my covers :) And for the tuning, I have a tuner on my amp, but I may not have tuned my guitar before this cover. And yes, I have been playing since about October/November. And yes, I'm still very young :) Thanks for all your help and I'll be pming you soon for that tab :)

no problem link! and i had

no problem link! and i had not realized youd been playing only a couple of months, and with that now known to me, i find your skills on guitar nothing short of astonishing.

i had been playing a full year at least before i was at your skill level.

you are self taught i assume?

i am. in my less than professional opinion, everything other than learning something for yourself is only memorization, but sometimes memorization works too so... "whos to say whats fair to say?"-eminem