Recording: Final Fantasy 7 - Costa del Sol

Submitted Fri, 01/07/2011 - 22:27
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I had fun with this one so tell me what you think.

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(~IMO~) The rhythm part is

(~IMO~) The rhythm part is not like that, the melody is wrong, sounds out of tune (i think) and needs more fluidity. Which tab did you use ?

Anyway, keep on working and let use hear your next covers :)

Thanks for your suggestions

Thanks for your suggestions and I'll work harder on my next recording.

An improvement over your

An improvement over your first recording!

Thanks! I have been

Thanks! I have been practicing XD

The notes are mostly

The notes are mostly right--there's one error that happens several times in the melody but it sounds like that's the tab's fault cause you play it consistently.

The rhythm part IS like that for the most part. I mean it's slightly different in the bass line but other than that there's only one spot where it's off.

Yeah, it sounds a little rough as opposed to fluid. Fluidity just comes with running something 100 times.