Recording: Final Fantasy VII - Cid's Theme

Submitted Wed, 04/06/2011 - 16:24
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Alright! My second cover for my ff7 extravaganza! I don't know what happened to the quality on this one but tell me what you think! (besides the quality) I'm gonna try to upload one every day or every other day :)


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This one is not as good as


This one is not as good as the latest ones, the rhythm part is a bit boring, the harmony doesn't sounds really good (octave harmony ?).
Needs more feeling and maybe an other tone.

Try to don't make the same mistake that i did, i mean, more cover and less quality !
So the 3/5 is a kind of warning note, take the time to feel the song (i don't say that i can do it easily).
Maybe use the "Work In Progress" topic to have critisisms before post it on youtube ?

Cid's Theme is one of my favorite FF7 music, so i'm maybe a bit tough, i apologize ^^

The rhythm's not too bad, but


The rhythm's not too bad, but again I scream for more distortion! :D I think this song would be great played with slides, bends etc on the lead.

Link is broken, says you've

Link is broken, says you've deleted the video.