Recording: Chrono Trigger - Battle Theme 1

Submitted Sun, 05/15/2011 - 20:04
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This is just a super short, super quick, and super crappy cover. I'll be doing a few of these just to fill in for the time I'm waiting to get a Line 6 POD Studio GX.

Enjoy :)

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For the vibrato on those open


For the vibrato on those open strings, have you considered doing them on the 5 on the next string? I'd like to hear a nice wide vibrato on the whole notes.

When writing a harmony part, be aware that when you use parallel fifths over the melody (a note 7 frets up, or a string and 2 frets) or parallel fourths (5 frets up, or one string up), it can sound a little hinky. Also try parallel thirds (either 3 or 4 frets) or sixths (either 8 frets or 9, or a string + 3 or 4).

Ahh, thank you for the tip

Ahh, thank you for the tip auri :) I was thinking how "bland" it sounded without a vibrato on those notes. And for the harmony, that's a good tip. I've always just played either the octave or made something up as I was going. Now I'll actually know what I'm doing :) And thanks for the 5 stars***** :)

You're definitely getting


You're definitely getting better at slides and vibrato!

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Purple Crotch: The Musical

Purple Crotch: The Musical

Kabukibear said Purple

Kabukibear said

Purple Crotch: The Musical

Matches the wall though

Haha, it was hot! :) And no,

Haha, it was hot! :) And no, no bikini recordings! I'll be gone for most of the summer. And using more harmony makes the recording sound more interesting, you should use it more Hash :)

I guess in the summer you


I guess in the summer you will post some bikini recordings...
good job !
i should use more hamrmony too :)

chrono trigger


chrono trigger rocks!111!!oneone!eleven!

5 stars @ legs and crotch

5 stars @ legs and crotch


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