Recording: Final Fantasy IV - Troian Beauty

Submitted Fri, 03/08/2013 - 03:14
by Lemoncobbler | View the tab

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my good mic is currently out of commission
one recording a week though

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How can a mic be "out of


How can a mic be "out of commission"? Not broken, but....borrowed? Soaked in water and left alone until totally dry?

Anyway, nice! This reminded me, I'm supposed to record something this weekend, then, huh? Daaaammit. Okay well it will probably not be game music. I think I'm going to start a thread for the purpose of posting non-game music recordings, since etudes are what I'm working the most on.

I live between two houses

I live between two houses right now because college shit, and I left my mic at the other house. I'll get it back soon! And yes, if you make that thread i'll frequent it for sure!