Recording: Chrono Cross - On the Beach of Dreams

Submitted Fri, 04/22/2011 - 08:27
by Lemoncobbler | View the tab

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I had a hard time getting all the audio to synch up right, but it was still fun to play.

Any pointers?

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Good job! I'm guilty of not


Good job! I'm guilty of not doing this sometimes but use a metronome(like when I try fingerpicking, I'm herrendous with timing even with it on). If you are layering instruments, it's usually a good idea to do the foundation first so start by recording the bass. Afterwards, record the rhythm. Then, finally record the lead.

Thanks! Before I was just

Thanks! Before I was just listening to the song from my ipod in one ear, would it still be better to start with the bass this way? Thanks for the tip by the way!

bass sounds bloody awesome

bass sounds bloody awesome mate, and dispite having trouble synching it all, its still very enjoyable. i look forward to more CC covers by you haha

thanks man, its really got a

thanks man, its really got a great bassline, doesn't it?

Actually, as far as recording

Actually, as far as recording order goes, I would pick the most rhythmically --regular-- part first. That can be the bass, but in this case it's not...the bass has lots of variety and spunk. In this case, it's the harmonics that are most regular--they hit once per beat. So I'd record them first, and they'll literally act like a metronome.

And then when you're recording the other parts, turn the original song off, and just record with your other parts playing, since that's what you really need it all to line up with.

By the way, what software did you use for this? I've wanted to be able to record and play two videos in one video for some time now.

Thanks for taking a crack at my tab! It's not often that that happens for me. :-)

good advice, haven't done a

good advice, haven't done a recording with more than one part in a while, i'll hvae to try again.

Get adobe premiere pro! sure, its expensive as hell (there are of course OTHER methods to get it haha), but its the only easy to use video editing softwere i've found that allows for multiple videos in one screen.

And no problem, its a really good arrangement/tab, thanks for sharing it