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Submitted Tue, 10/11/2011 - 22:38
by Lemoncobbler

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my hands really hurt after doing this one for a couple hours. And my fingers became locked in a picking position
:C I think I have really bad technique. Wat do.

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my hands really hurt after

my hands really hurt after doing this one for a couple hours. And my fingers became locked in a picking position
:C I think I have really bad technique. Wat do.

I can't really tell just by looking, but if I had to guess, I'd say you're getting all tense and you just need to relax.

I'd forgotten what a good song this was. It makes me head-boppy :-D

Hm, there's a couple things I

Hm, there's a couple things I *think* could be causing the hand strain.

Firstly, is that a normal classical scale guitar you're playing? Looks like an ovation, and I'm not sure if they do the hybrid thing. Anyway, you seem to be playing in normal position and not classical position. That's actually pretty painful, since on a wider classical neck you really need that extra stretching room classical position gives to make a lot of those movements. Especially for this song. Also, the thumb over neck thing is great for steel string necks, but if you're actually pulling that off on a classical scale neck, you're fucking hardcore. Again, if the neck isn't actually classical, then don't worry about anything I'm saying here.

And I think fingers getting "locked" in a picking position might be partly due to not practiced with using more than only the thumb and index, and also the "planting" by the soundboard you seem to have going on a lot. Try spotting habits like that while practicing and try to not do them. Not because planting is super bad or anything, but not being totally dependent on it will make you a better player.

Yeah I was gonna say I

Yeah I was gonna say I noticed you fretting some with your thumb on your other videos like the king dedede one. When I tried doing that for that song some parts of my thumb and my hand REALLY started to hurt so I had to stop playing it that way.

Also what surreal said about the pincher method or just using your thumb and index too much. If you use your middle and ring fingers more theres less overall strain.

My hand starts to cramp because I use my pinky to keep a frame of reference and hold my hand in place, I think that might be what Surreal means by planting?

/my two cents.

More or less, planting isn't

More or less, planting isn't bad as long as you don't need it to play everything you do.

I use brief planting for faster scales since it helps me use my thumb and index like an alternating pick. When playing regularly, I'll briefly touch an unused string to catch reference while being sure not to accidentally mute anything.

I'm not actually 100% conscious of this, but I fixed excessive planting early, it definitely helps with faster and more effortless playing.

well shit, as of right now, I

well shit, as of right now, I can't play without planting. I just never bothered to learn another way. When I don't plant, my fingers start to feel weak and don't have as much strength, but you're right. Planting does really hurt my hand, and it keeps it stuck in that position if I try to strum. I've been trying to include my middle and ring finger, but i'm having a hard time breaking that habit.
also, it is a regular classical neck, so should I try out classical position?
Thanks for the pointers guys!

It's not something you can

It's not something you can suddenly do all at once. Especially if it's all you've ever done. Go slow, play anything super simple and isolate where you have the most trouble.

And yes, classical position will save your hand so much tendon stretching it'll be ridiculous.

will this be any harder for

will this be any harder for me since my guitar has a fat ovation ass? its already hard enough to hold.

Watching the video again, are

Watching the video again, are you using just one finger on a string? It looks like you're plucking the same string with the same finger over and over, like at :31. You can play guitar a lot of ways, but the basic classical technique is to use your thumb for bass notes, and alternate index-middle for melody notes.

I am using the bad claw

I am using the bad claw method :C I really probably should have taken lessons before I started playing...

And shit does that mean the thumb controlls the bottom three strings? (ead)
I think i've got alot to learn.

Sorta. Classical guitar

Sorta. Classical guitar doesn't restrict the thumb to those strings, but it's there most of the time.

You can get a book called _Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar_. It tells you all of the stuff about how to hold the guitar, how to prevent yourself from building up tension, how to do rest strokes and free strokes, and so forth. It does advocate classical position, but a good deal of what it says is useful even if you don't want to hold it that way. So basically, it gives you the physical building blocks you need to practice properly.

It DOESN'T tell you anything about things like alternating fingers, or how you combine those elements into playing guitar. But it might help.

Generally yeah that's what

Generally yeah that's what you want to do but it doesn't always seem feasible to me.

There are some times where its something like 0x0xxx where you'd either have to mute the A string or you need to pluck with your index and your thumb, so I'm not sure it's an iron clad rule but more of a general guideline.

Using my middle and ring finger more has helped me out a lot and reduced the strain on my hand. Try playing something like Nate's tab or lonlon's arrangement of Eiko's theme from ff9, it's really good for practicing both of those ideas.

Definitely not an ironclad

Definitely not an ironclad rule! Other fingers can play on bass strings, and the thumb can play above the bass strings :-) I've been told it's best to think of the thumb as playing the bass *notes*, not the bass *strings*.

Don't worry about not having

Don't worry about not having lessons prior to getting into it. Guitar isn't too bad when it comes to correcting bad habits.

I am in the NO LESSONS CLUB as well. The internet is a cool guy when it comes to learning correct technique.

And I know how awkward ovation bodies can be sometimes. I have a contour shaped body on mine and it makes it pretty hard to play it in classical position since its shaped for normal position. I'm sure yours should be doable though, can't imagine Ovation throwing out a classical without at least making the body compatible with the proper position.

Just make sure your body is supported. It'll be a little weird at first, but once you get used to it it serves the instrument a lot better.

As for the beginning steps of practicing using all your fingers to pick, try this:

The first couple lessons are really great for beginners, while the later ones offer great challenge. Plus the guy tabbed it from the sheets and included videos.

I really don't know what

I really don't know what ovation was thinking when they made those weird backs to their guitars, seems really impractical to me. And cool, good to know that there are good players without lessons C:

That link is lookin promising, I'll be checking that out for sure. Thanks dude!

Just wanna corroborate here,

Just wanna corroborate here, those exercises are kick ass. Some are annoying as hell, but that makes it all the more fun to get them right. :D

Essentially, the point of lessons is to make use of knowledge, and get feedback on your playing. Coming here is like getting lessons for free!