Recording: Final Fantasy 7 - Birth of a God

Submitted Fri, 04/08/2011 - 00:03
by Lemoncobbler | View the tab

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:U I really liked this arrangement, and wanted to take a crack at it, then realized that it was alot harder than the other pieces i've tried... but heh, here it is anyway.
Hope it turned out alright!

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Great effort. I can barely


Great effort. I can barely make it to like the twentieth measure...but that's including mistakes, plus I have never recorded myself actually playing, so...

I totally understand. It

I totally understand. It sounds pretty nice though once you get the intro flowing after some practice.

Take your pace with the intro

Take your pace with the intro a bit more before picking it up to full speed. A little off beat but nothing too noticeable.

*Obligatory mention of your mess ups and time killing pauses here*

Take your time with it next time eh?