Recording: Street Fighter, Megaman, Zelda, Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct and More - Video Games Rock Medley !!! by Kora

Submitted Mon, 01/30/2012 - 22:31
by Koraman | View the tab

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Arranged and Played by Kora
Mexico (2010)

Enjoy it !!!!!!!

Street Fighter, Ken's Theme 0:00
Killer Instinct, Main Theme 1:06
F-zero, Big Blue 1:42
Castlevania 2, Bloody Tears 2:17
Mortal Kombat, Main Theme 2:56
Megaman 2, Willy's Stage 3:32
Final Fantasy 7, Battle Theme 4:04
Contra, Level 1 Jungle Theme 4:36
The Legend Of Zelda, Dark World Theme 5:00
Golden Sun, Battle Theme 5:29
Mario bros, Game over 5:45

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13 comments on Video Games Rock Medley !!! by Kora

This guy...


This guy...

Not a big electric fan, but


Not a big electric fan, but your choice of music was spot on. It was also well presented. But since I don't play the electric guitar, I'm allowed to be picky. Some parts lacked 'umph' (though the bend at 5.25 was nice), and the mixing wasn't perfect. Also, some of transitions were a bit clunky (especially the one at 3.32). All in all a great cover, keep it up! I havn't enjoyed an electric cover this much in a while :).

Thanks !!!! I appreciate your

Thanks !!!! I appreciate your comments. At that time I knew nothing of mixing. I'll try to get my songs better mixed every day :)

You have a really nice

You have a really nice vibrato, and technique overall! albeit some parts sounded SLIGHTLY offbeat, but nothing you should worry about I think lol. Mix wise this was pretty good, but the drum and bass could use some work, The Medley in itself is really creative, really loved the transition between songs lol Welcome to gametabs man. you might wanna consider participating in our electric guitar weekly riff challenges.

Where's that weekly riff

Where's that weekly riff challenges? sounds great :D

A new Riff is issue weekly by the winner.

Impressive. So who was the


Impressive. So who was the hater that gave him less than 5 stars? Let's see you play all that any better!

lol, it happened recently to

lol, it happened recently to one of my tabs...
notice that they rate it less than 5 stars but don't leave a comment explaining why.

damnable trollers if i had

damnable trollers

if i had adequate funding, id form the build a bridge foundation, so the trolls have a place to troll.

Jejeje Thanks, it doesn't

Jejeje Thanks, it doesn't matter :) the important thing is that you like it :D

Nice one! "The Advantage"


Nice one! "The Advantage" style

I wish I had an Ibanez P: hehe

Alright, that's cool.


Alright, that's cool.

kens theme-excellent vibrato


kens theme-excellent vibrato and technique
KI Main-wasnt as nostalgic as i had hoped
Big Blue-THIS.
Bloody Tears-nice work on the alt picking, really nice work
MK Main-HEAVY. yes
MM2-nice showcase of technique, but not as much as shown in kens theme
FF7-had to do a double take on the lead-in; i rescind my comment on MM2
Contra-had a major dream theater moment; beautiful fluency
TLoZ-Epic, just epic, also very fluent and smooth, both in technique and as a progression
Mario Game Over-threw me off a fair bit, but a nice touch nonetheless

all in all great performance, i thoroughly enjoyed it