Recording: Dark Cloud - Broken Promise

Submitted Sun, 10/19/2014 - 04:48
by Komalis | View the tab

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This is my first cover, so please be kind. :)

3 comments on Broken Promise

1st: Invest in a metronome

1st: Invest in a metronome (or use one online) and get the rhythm even. 2nd: Tune that B string ;) 3rd: Sometime down the line, pick up a decent mic. Good work so far though my friend!

One thing I would suggest

One thing I would suggest (and this is something I struggled a lot with in the past and still sort of do) is to be more aware of how long you are letting the notes ring out. If you just fret the note, pluck, then immediately take your fretting finger off the notes come out really short and staccato. In some cases this can be an intentional choice, but here you need to let them ring out more.

Also if you don't have a metronome, try playing along with the youtube version of the song to get the timing down. You can also listen to the midi Kabukibear included with the tab at this URL

I liked the tune, he did

I liked the tune, he did loose his pace a bit here and there but I'm not super familiar with the song so it wasn't very distracting. A solid attempt IMO.

3rd) Sound quality wasn't horrible, I don't think you need a new mic that badly. The fan(?) noise should be a simple edit out. @Komalis if you have Audacity (free download) it has an option to filter out white noise, you can also play with the frequencies or just copy the left side Audio and Pan it over to the right side.