Recording: Super Mario Land - Super Mario Land Guitar Collection

Submitted Thu, 06/09/2011 - 11:41
by Kabukibear

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Just my take on the soundtrack of the Super Mario Land game for Gameboy. The recordings are just gp6 because the focus on this project was just the arrangement aspect and getting it into a printable book form; the mp3s were an afterthought added for fun. I've made a forum post about it but in case you just want to hear them played back to back (and also to plug the project itself!) I felt I could post it here.

Sheet music:


3 comments on Super Mario Land Guitar Collection

Easton Kingdom <3 definitely

Easton Kingdom <3 definitely my favorite :D

Amazing Work Kabuki !

Kabuki, you are amazing <3 !

Kabuki, you are amazing <3 ! ! !

Very impressive!


Very impressive!