Recording: Various - Capcom medley

Submitted Thu, 01/10/2013 - 21:46
by Juja | View the tab

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Careless and I did this song for Dwelling of Duels Magfest 2012 along with the flute player from Descendants of Erdrick. We took 11th place out of 29, which is pretty good during Magfest month.

The actual songs are as follows:

Mega Man - boss select/selected
Little Nemo - Mushroom Forest
Mega Man 2 - boss select
Ghosts 'N Goblins - intro and 1st stage
Mega Man 3 - boss select
Mega Man 5 - Proto Man's castle and intro
Mega Man 4 - boss select with Super Metroid bass for some reason
Resident Evil - Careless claims it's the ending theme
Mega Man 5 - boss select/selected
Breath of Fire 2 - battle...2?
Danimal Cannon - Danimal Across America intro

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Are you talking about that

Are you talking about that show in MD/VA, some of my friends played there I believe. Dunno if they partook in a contest but maybe you might recognize the name XHunters

Anyways, good compilation of songs and a nice rendition. props

I don't actually know where

I don't actually know where they have Magfest. Careless attended and submitted our song in person. I know of the X Hunters and they seem pretty cool, but I don't think they participated in DoD.

Thanks, man. My only actual input on the songs was that I said a Breath of Fire 2 song could be cool and that Proto Man's Castle was a good Mega Man song. I like the song choices overall, but I don't really dig the Resident Evil song so much, so I convinced Careless to cut it down by like a minute.

Sounded good, but I would say

Sounded good, but I would say its more of a Megaman medley than a capcom medley.

needs more sf turbo, amirite?

needs more sf turbo, amirite?

Well, the idea was to use the

Well, the idea was to use the Mega Man intros to intoduce each game. It does have Proto Man's Castle as one of the actual songs, so there's definitely a disproportionate amount of Mega Man to other games.

I prefer to do individual songs since medleys are a pain in the ass, but Careless had a whole grand scheme since it was Magfest month. The video was supposed to be an actual sprite animation, but the animator backed out, so Careless made it using still images he made in Paint.