Recording: 50 songs from Nes, Game Boy, Snes and N64 - Nintendo Medley

Submitted Mon, 03/14/2016 - 04:45
by jlefvert

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Nintendo Medley for Acoustic Guitar played by Jonas Lefvert.
50 music songs from Nes, Game Boy, Snes and N64 consoles.




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Man had no idea there was a

Man had no idea there was a Gremlins or Goonies game. lol

A few awkward transitions but most were petty smooth good work sir.

i agree about some of the

i agree about some of the transitions, and the ending felt really abrupt.

medleys are tricky that way - keeping them flowing isn't as easy as it would seem. especially in something like this where the snippets from songs are literally just seconds long. nothing ever really feels established, so it's difficult to create a coherence between the pieces. the transitions weren't really transitions as much as just moving to the next one. some worked better and sounded more fluid than others. but again, without establishing one melody/piece of music to move into another, you really aren't weaving them together - just lining them up.

all that being said, the playing is obviously solid and the guitar sounds lovely. maybe i'm just a bit critical this morning. i need to eat.

How dare you give viable


How dare you give viable feedback and criticism Tiger! To the gallows with yee!

i'm sorry! please forgive my

i'm sorry! please forgive my behavior!

::bows deeply with regret::

I think it sticks out most

I think it sticks out most because some of the tracks really flow into each other while other sections feel rather disconnected.

With 50 tracks cramped into a couple minutes it doesn't sound wrong or anything though. It's much more noticable with longer tracks with 30+ seconds of each piece.

Can't speak for jlefvert but I generally appreciate well thought-out constructive criticism and wish we had more of it.

i absolutely agree. at no

i absolutely agree. at no point does it sound especially wrong, it just never sounds consistently right. that's why doing a medley is it's own kind of arrangement and craft/skill in itself. bridging say, 30 second pieces, means part of the task isn't simply playing them in the same key, but creating logical and flowing transitions between them. there isn't enough time to do that if they are only a few seconds long, because you're barely establishing what you're playing before moving on to the next. each sounds more like a transition in itself, rather than a true representative of a longer song. i suppose one way to approach a medley is just finding bits of music and playing them one after the other in a way that is pleasing. for me, part of the medley is weaving the songs together.

anyway, it's clear the player is quite good, so it still is certainly enjoyable as what it is by that alone. the potential is just much higher, i think, when not left only to the song choices and skill of the guitar work, but to the thoughtfulness of the arrangement itself.

constructive criticism is tricky. lots of times people don't want to hear it, and almost just as often, people don't know how to give it properly.

Indeed giving good criticism


Indeed giving good criticism can be tricky with music as well because we always use how it sounds and what stands out to us as an example, which immediately makes it tricky to try and describe to someone else. lol

precisely. a recent example

precisely. a recent example for me, was when my Temple of Time track was reviewed for OC Remix in january, one of the judges pointed out things that to their ears were problems, which when i went back and listened to the specific issues they took, were both things i did knowingly and intentionally. it all becomes subjective very quickly.