Recording: Chrono Cross - Plains of Time

Submitted Thu, 08/16/2012 - 06:17
by jez79 | View the tab

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I've been working on this for three days straight.
Used to put this game in the PS1 and let it run on the map screen so this song would play.
The percs, bass and lead parts were all pretty easy, but the fingerstyle part was challenging.
Uploaded a TAB for the fingerstyle guitar and bass.

First time using new audio and video software, tried to fix as many bugs as I could.
Might have too many effects.
More info on youtube page.
Feedback welcome!

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This is pretty good! I can't


This is pretty good!

I can't help but feel the electric guitar is a bit out of place, though. I'd love to hear a fully acoustic version. It might just be the buzz from the amp though--maybe you could gate that out?

yeah, there's something off

yeah, there's something off about the guitar...
it's a little out of tune, and i'm putting a slow vibrato to the whole thing (perhaps compensates for out of tune)
I don't know, this was try #1 at making sitaresque feel
I have a harmony for the lead on acoustic ready, so maybe that will distract from the electric's out of placeness...

for the buzz, well next time the computer will be far away! yikes... single coils
I noise reduced and faded out sections of silence/buzz

I've got to say though, I

I've got to say though, I love the percussion, and especially the bass. I'm jealous. I have an upright, but it's an EUB.

Thanks! :D I can't wait to do

Thanks! :D
I can't wait to do more. Have to stick with a few slower ones like this to start out. Electric lead chops are non existent...
There's some good bouncing fast notes in the B section second half. I think I got that kind of sound from listening to Stanley Clarke:
I can't play -that- fast!

Oh man, you have good taste

Oh man, you have good taste in music.

i agree about the electric

i agree about the electric guitar feeling out of place. it seems unnatural with everything else. the buzz from the amp is notable, but not anymore than the distortion itself. its not to say electric guitar *couldn't* work. just that it needs some tweaking. otherwise, it has a nice feel to it. the bass is what really pulls this together, but that's mitsuda for you. the recording sounds good, though. what's the new audio software you're using?

I find the electric fitting

I find the electric fitting somehow, although I would love to see (hear) a fully acoustic version.

It's a great recording nonetheless! Looks professional to me :d

I was happy to realize that I

I was happy to realize that I didn't need a video camera, the iPhone does a good enough job, 1080 HD.

sexy percussion brah


sexy percussion brah

Electric is a little jarring


Electric is a little jarring but overall this sounds really nice.

+1 for the electric guitar,


+1 for the electric guitar, it doesn't blend at all
Try with a bottleneck maybe? and a more massive sound, with more body. What is your amp?

Congrats still, that's a pretty agreable recording you have there.

PS: I'll be at your door tomorrow to get your double bass. Expect me

I'll have to redo the

I'll have to redo the electric guitar to get rid of the buzz.
The computer, ac power, etc was running right by the amp and guitar.
Heck, the thing acts like a scrolling clicker if I scroll a browser window when the guitar is close.
Additionally, I've added an acoustic guitar harmony part that will help tie the electric into the rest.

I'm an electric guitar noob, there's alot of tonal dimension with types of gain/distortion, etc. I tried to go as simple as possible, bridge pickup through a homemade distortion (tube screamer mod) into a little blues junior III. A little amp reverb, bass and treble cut 25-30%, drive at ~7/12. Pedal has drive cranked (it's homemade, so the dial ranges are probably non-standard).
Mic'd the back cab with a tom/snare mic (got more lows), and placed a condenser about a foot in front of the speaker pointing right in the middle (got air and harmonic richness).
Software: EQ'd a little, Compressed both a bit (not much change from presets), added some modulation to the condenser signal.
I like double mic'ing! Did the same with bass and guitar.
(Optimize each microphone signal with the frequencies it gets best then recombine. Adding effects to only one of the two signals also moderates the effect.)

as much as it is the specific

as much as it is the specific tone and recording of the electric here, it also doesnt mesh with the spirit of the song as much. you're doing a pretty faithful rendition of the track in each other regard, and it sounds good, but substituting the distorted guitar for the...i think its a sitar, i'd have to go re-listen, gets away from the nature of it. so when you go to the length you have to be true to the track, i'd suggest steering away from that guitar.

granted, for my money ever since there was...well...distorted electric guitar, there has been too much distorted electric guitar used in everything. and man, since video game remixes begun really, there's almost always been this idea that electric guitar is great for lead parts, no matter the song or the style. it has its place, but its place isnt everywhere. and i really dont believe it is here.

its all about choices in arrangements. in this case especially, a cover - understanding content and context. if you're entirely going your own way with something, then everything is relative to the decisions you've made stylistically. but when recreating something, the criticism becomes more relative to the original. just things to keep in mind when approaching music.

its definitely a great start to what i assume will be a lot more tracks. and i hope that what im saying can be helpful and constructive.

yes, what you're saying is

yes, what you're saying is certainly constructive, in fact, trying to make a sitar-ey sound was my goal in using the electric w/distortion. Tried to play the electric very deliberately and spacey, tried to get the phrasing of the sitar. The distortion helped sustain the long notes, and the responsiveness of the electric's neck made it easy to put a slow vibrato the whole way through, again aiming for something that felt sitar-ey. I even tried macguyvering a paperclip thing on the bridge (metalic decay on notes) but that didn't work well. I couldn't get as good sustain out of the acoustic so opted to follow through with electric.
so yeah, I'm aware of musical context and stylistic choices. the electric wasn't chosen to conform to the cover vids I find online or because electric is the only choice for lead parts.
I'll try and find a sitar! lol you never know. I hope it's tuned in 4ths!
There must be a sitar preset somewhere... If I can tweak it in post, using effected acoustic guitar would be best solution short of a sitar.

Ever heard of the gotoh buzz

Ever heard of the gotoh buzz bridge? If you want a sitar sound on guitar, go for it.
Careful though, its pretty expensive (~140€ iirc) and once you installed it on your guitar, you're not gonna remove it easily. Youtube it!

yeah. its definitely about

yeah. its definitely about experimentation and trying to manipulate what you have to get the sounds. and i can definitely appreciate what you were going for now that you've explained it more. i'd think it would be great to try to create a sound organically without effects for the lead melody. but it would take some tinkering and exploring what your options are. you definitely seem adept enough that i didnt imagine i'd be throwing out things you hadnt considered or wouldnt know about, but sometimes its important to reinforce ideas. they have a knack of getting away from us sometimes.
if nothing else, i'd suggest giving the acoustic another chance. i think you could even get quite far with a banjo in that context, depending on how you mic it and the way you play. that is assuming you have a banjo. which i wont assume. though i'd imagine that'd be an easier thing to rope in than a sitar. im thinking of sounds i've created using my banjo over the years and what you can get out of it.
i figure, if you're going to do as true to the original covers as possible, then getting feedback on the tones/sounds/feeling should be the deal. your musicianship/understanding of home recording is sound enough to pull it off technically, so unless you go really wide of the target, thats not really a topic. its just bridging those two things that can be tricky at times.

thanks, please post again if

thanks, please post again if you get more ideas and on future videos!

Electric comes really close

Electric comes really close to fitting perfectly.

The percussion and bass work is top tier though.

The level of the new members


The level of the new members is too damn high ! Congratulation, i really enjoy your cover :)



AHHH NOSTALGIA, but I agree as well. I think with all the natural percussion, a full acoustic set would have a better effect that the electric guitar.

This is awesome! Great cover

This is awesome! Great cover man!

That started out really


That started out really nice...but I have to agree the electric was out of place. I mean, when I play this song, I do play the lead full distortion, but I think with you doing all the instruments, something lighter would've made more sense. Either way, you are a very skilled musician and it's great.

Thanks :) I like to play Yes

Thanks :)
I like to play

Yes i plan to redo both guitars, remix and update the video.
Feedback here is useful!