Recording: Final Fantasy 7 - Final Fantasy 6, 7, 8 Battle Themes

Submitted Thu, 03/24/2011 - 17:09
by jeaux

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This is the second of two videos I made as a bit of a summer project. Please watch in 480p if possible - it'll sound way better.

The Final Fantasy 6-8 Battle Themes were composed, of course, by the great Nobuo Uematsu, and I've taken the liberty of arranging the themes in a rock band format. Hope you enjoy them! And if you do, then subscribe on Youtube!

If anybody wants them I can upload the backing tracks for guitar play-along (or bass/keyboard too, I guess).

Composed: Nobuo Uematsu
Arranged: Jeaux Pfeffer
Audio arranged using Garageband
Video arranged using iMovie
Background art courtesy of Ian Pfeffer


  • Gibson Flying V '67 Reissue
  • Fender 50s Precision Bass
  • M-Audio KeyRig 49

Note: I claim no copyright over the original compositions, which remain the property of their respective owners.

7 comments on Final Fantasy 6, 7, 8 Battle Themes

Yes man! Just freakin

Yes man! Just freakin YESSSSS!!! Amazing job though :)

I counted 43 times you turned

I counted 43 times you turned your head to look at the camera and I liked that slight wind on your hair effect.

Hahaha - that wind effect was

Hahaha - that wind effect was just the fan I had on to keep me from frying in the Australian summer =)

And good effort for counting all the times I turned my head - I never really noticed before =|

I counted 43 times that my

I counted 43 times that my sexuality was challenged.

The good guys won every time.

! Woah, thats pretty cool.

! Woah, thats pretty cool. Bass was spot on, guitar was pretty much excellent too, except a little quiet? Sounds like its behind all the other instruments, if that makes any sense. Either way, I'm lovin in.




Flawless, awesome job!


Flawless, awesome job!