Recording: Chrono Cross - Radical Dreamers

Submitted Thu, 01/17/2013 - 12:23
by Jasmydae | View the tab

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This was the tab that brought me to this site, and it remains my favorite. Because of this I learned to sight-read tabs, and I greatly improved my playing ability. Thank you so much, Justin!

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Good job, I played along with


Good job, I played along with you while watching this. I play this arrangement all the time but I never recorded it because lazy+shit camera.

I don't know if you're looking for feedback/criticism but I will just say the song will flow a bit better if you don't use your thumb because you won't have to let go of bass notes prematurely.

Nice job, and welcome to the


Nice job, and welcome to the site! :)

This reminds me to get my ass


This reminds me to get my ass back in gear. Thank you for posting!

Impressive, I'm radically


Impressive, I'm radically dreaming I will soon able to play it as well ^^

Very well played. You're


Very well played. You're quite welcome! XD You really look like you are enjoying it. I have been criticized for looking too much like a robot in my videos. I'm really glad that my tab brought you to the site and got you playing. It's a hard piece, and it's quite an accomplishment to get it up to recording level. Keep going! And happy strumming. :)