Recording: Lufia 2 - Sinistral Battle Theme

Submitted Sat, 05/12/2012 - 07:58
by Ianlicious

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Hey guys. Another lufia 2 cover!

Hope you guys enjoy.

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You're improving! It sounds


You're improving! It sounds like the Battle 3 remix on the DS remake's soundtrack. More vibrato would be my suggestion.

Thanks BB! I didn't use too

Thanks BB! I didn't use too much technique when I recorded last night 'cause I was trying so hard to make sure the timing was right aha. but yes, I'm glad to be getting better again. soon I'll be as good as I was when I gave it up!

when can we expect some more covers from you?

Hah hopefully soon. I've been

Hah hopefully soon. I've been working on a non-video game song when I actually get time to play :/ I've been so busy at work, just did 8 days in a row, but I vow to get some guitar time in tomorrow! How come you gave it up?

Stupid work! Always gettin'

Stupid work! Always gettin' in the way of jamming!

I had just moved out and was poor as shit and had to sell all my gear.

4 years later and I was like maybe I'll buy a new guitar haha

Ah yeah, I know how that is.

Ah yeah, I know how that is. I was that way with car parts though (which I actually just got back into). Glad to see you never gave it up!!! :) lol and yeah, but I choose to work a lot of overtime, just like money so much :P

That shirt...

That shirt...

That shirt... is awesome.

That shirt... is awesome.