Recording: Legend of the Mystical Ninja - Shikoku Island

Submitted Fri, 06/15/2012 - 16:34
by iamHoustonian | View the tab

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Finally got a window of time to do a recording.
This mic is pretty sensitive, it hears EVERYTHING in my house.
So, if my room mates are home I can forget recording anything.

I had the day off and the only room mate that was here went to get some food.
So I turn off my central air, close myself in my room and recorded this fun song :-) hehe

It took like 6 tries to get the timing right on.
It's weird how much you mess up when trying to record a song that you normally play flawless. haha

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oof. recording with others

oof. recording with others around. such a pain. you can hear my dog walking on the hardwood floor at times in my recordings. nothing for it though, she's the boss.

Haha I just pictured your dog

Haha I just pictured your dog in a Hilary Clinton pantsuit :-D

Awesome dog. Is she a golden retriever?

she's a bit more business

she's a bit more business casual.
and yeah, she's a golden.

Your pic of her and the

Your pic of her and the Chrono Trigger box has sort of a Déjà vu effect on me.
Whenever Chrono Trigger first came out my friend got it first and we played it at his house all day for like 4 days or so hehe.
He had a golden retriever named Kokomo at the time. Fun memories of the game, the dog, the couch and the pizza. haha

i totally understand. i had a

i totally understand. i had a golden when i was a kid and my parents got me chrono trigger when it came out. hours and hours laying with my dog as my pillow with my brother at my side.