Recording: Final Fantasy X - Wandering Flame (with David Cookie)

Submitted Thu, 04/28/2016 - 16:43
by hashel

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Please check out David Cookie's Soundcloud here:

Sorry no video, i don't really have the time ^^
This is a new entry for the Team-Up Challenge organized by SwigglesRP

David Cookie did the arrangement, something really atospheric, as the original and i added some guitars with Whammy pedal and a lot of delay, probably inspired by "Marooned" by Pink Floyd ^^

also has i have a new version of cubase, with less plugins i had some trouble with the mix but i'll try to fix that for new videos :)

2 comments on Wandering Flame (with David Cookie)

Dang that was a super unique

Dang that was a super unique arrangement, kind of had trouble recognizing it as Wandering flame at times but still very good.

Some very cool bends though Hashel.

ahah i didn't did the

ahah i didn't did the arrangement myself, let's say it's more a jam based on wandering flame than a real cover ^^