Recording: Final Fantasy 7 - Turks Theme

Submitted Sun, 05/07/2017 - 21:57
by hashel

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Here is my cover of FF7 Turks Theme ! It was supposed to by my entry for the last Pixel Mixers cover contest "villain themes" but sadly i had some stuffs to deal with irl and didn't get enough time to meet the deadline ^^

But here is it, it wasn't maybe the best idea to pick this song as it's mostly percussion and that i don't play any ahah. The acoustic guitar part I wrote was supposed to be easy but for unknown reasons i really struggled with it, so i'm sorry if it affected the quality.

I could have worked on the mix more too but as it was already too late for the contest and as i'm working on some REALLY exciting stuffs for the next Pixel Mixers album i thought it'd do the work and even if it's not my best cover i still like it and i hope you guys will enjoy it :)

Turks Theme was composed by Nobuo Uematsu for the Final Fantasy 7 OST.

4 comments on Turks Theme

A little to much rotatory FX

A little to much rotatory FX for my tastes at times but all in all it's a solid cover,
I thought the acoustic bit was a nice touch but it does distract a bit from the core of the song.

That said it's a super simple song that looped, so trying to add to it while you maintain that is tricky.

There is no rotary at all

There is no rotary at all ahah :p
But i guess you speak about the tremolo. And yeahd it's really about personal preferences i get some people get a bit less into it ^^

Hah my amp calls that effect

Hah my amp calls that effect Rotary, tremolo makes more sense though for sure.

It's just 2 different effects

It's just 2 different effects that have a "similar" sound =)