Recording: Pixel Mixers - Top 5 Video Game Music Covers [August 2016]

Submitted Thu, 09/08/2016 - 09:59
by hashel

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Here are the top 5 video game music covers from August 2016, as voted by the users of our r/VGCovers Reddit during the month, presented by Lord Bif.
- 5th) Melty Monster (Super Mario Galaxy 2) Metal Guitar Cover | Dacian Grada

- 4th) Bonetrousle & Dating Theme Medley (Undertale) - feat. Marc Papeghin!

- 3rd)Pokemon G/S/C: Surf - Acoustic Cover || Ryan Lafford

- 2nd) Route 113: Pokémon R/S/E [Fusion Cover]

- 1st) Undertale - Sans. Theme Cover [Band Cover]


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