Recording: Final Fantasy VI - Slam Shuffle (Zozo Town)

Submitted Sat, 07/24/2010 - 17:20
by hashel

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An other oldest cover ^^
i'm happy of this one, and it was the opportunity to try my new MXR Overdrive =D
It's a really funny and bluesy theme, i love it much ^^
You cna hear it in Zozo Town, the town of the eternal rain and lies :p

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I think your guitars sound

I think your guitars sound good in this one ^-^ Nice job.

Bass isn't quite right, but I already told you that on your Youtube page. You should try to develop an ear for when notes are right or not, and keep trying until you get the notes right.

ty :) however, for the bass,

ty :)

however, for the bass, i always use tha tab i found, do y think they are all wrong ? or is possible that the fact that i use a guitar (standard tuning) with an effet 1octave down make it sounds bad ?

i don't even know what's the stadard tuning for a bass ^^'

Did you ever hear my older

Did you ever hear my older Zozo recording? It's not as good as the songs I do with Auriplane, but I think it holds up okay.

Here it is if you're interested:

it's pretty good :D the

it's pretty good :D
the melody still sounds "light" even with your distortion :D
you're really good to find your guitar tones !

dod you play by ear ?