Recording: The Legend of Dragoon - Shana's Theme

Submitted Tue, 01/23/2018 - 19:29
by hashel

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Here is my smooth lullaby version of Shana's Theme from the J-RPG The Legend of Dragoon, released on PS1 in 1999. I had the chance to have the friendly participation of Psamathes!
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The Legend of Dragoon is my favourite J-RPG of ALL TIME.
I'll never claim it's "better" than FFVI or Chrono Trigger etc but i just have a really strong emotional link with this game and so many great memories.
And if you haven't guessed yet; my online name "Hashel" comes from the LoD character "Haschel".

This arrangement was made for the 1st Pixel Mixers VGM Cover contest of 2018, the theme was "VGM for Sleeping" and i had the idea of working on this song, then i thought about making a lullaby out of it, then i thought of "This Lullaby" by QOTSA, which influenced my arrangement, that's why this version is in 3/4 while the original is in 4/4. I also wanted to use my Eastman a bit more, so i made a kind of electric lullaby and i also remembered that in the game the melody of the Shana's Theme was a lullaby that Dart (the Hero) sung to Shana when they were kids, lullaby that he learned from his mother, who was Haschel missing daughter... So i thought "okay i need some singing" so i asked to the all mighty Queen Psamathes for some help and made that lovely rendition for this song =)

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2 comments on Shana's Theme

I actually ever only palyed

I actually ever only palyed LOD as a demo on a buddy's PS1... think I gotta track a steam edition down or something because I only ever got a taste of it. :(

Also nice work Hashel nice to see you back doing some recording, and naturally always a pleasure to hear Shana singing. :)

Thanks dude, trying to have a

Thanks dude, trying to have a bit more regularity this year, but as most of what i do is for albums, i always have to wait to release songs ahah
But yeah i'll try to keep a 2 songs/month rate during the whole year =)
And i should have asked her to cosplay in Shana :p