Recording: Undertale - Sans. Theme

Submitted Tue, 08/30/2016 - 21:30
by hashel

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This is an full band cover of "Sans. Theme" from the Undertale OST. This track and over 40 other covers of music from various Indie Games soundtracks can be downloaded for free with the Pixel Mixers fan album "The Great Tale of the Little Ones".
Please download the full album here for free:

Arrangement, mix and video made by Hashel05:

And it features the following video game cover musicians:
- Dave Sheik (bass)
- EricL Music (trombone)
- Hashel05 (guitar)
- Lord Bif Music (aerodrums)
- NathanSquarez (tenor sax)
- NickManMusic (lead sax)
- Toxodentrail (piano)
- Trumpet Dude (trumpet)