Recording: Chrono Trigger - Robo Gang Johnny [Band Cover]

Submitted Sun, 03/27/2016 - 17:48
by hashel

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This song will figure in the Pixel Mixers Chrono Trigger/Cross Album ^^
This song is so fun to listen too, but i wanted a more lay down version, so the tempo of most of the song is slower.
I also wanted to have this live feeling, so no VST here everything is played live with many solos :D
Hope you'll like it!

Huge thanks to all the amazing musicians who kindly accepted to work with me and gave me many advice!

- Hyde209: Drums
- Marc Papeghin: Trumpet
- Toxodentrail: Piano & Organ

2 comments on Robo Gang Johnny [Band Cover]

Excellent cover!

Excellent cover!

Thank you very much, form the

Thank you very much, form the guys and myself :)